Celebrating members and building brand affinity

I designed a welcome kit for new SoFi borrowers to celebrate the funding of their loans and also as a delivery method for a UGC campaign we were developing. We built a kit with SoFi swag and the necessary instruments for participating in our selfie sweepstakes to win a month of loan repayment.

Along with the box and SoFi swag, I designed two nesting booklets; the outer explains the selfie sweepstakes and the inner talks about SoFi's products and benefits (like career services and member events). They needed to be designed in a way that the outer could easily be pulled from the boxes once the sweepstakes ends without needing to entirely redesign the collateral. 

I worked very closely with our production facility to ensure color accuracy of the gradient on our boxes, source the items in the box, select paper weights and coatings, and attend press checks before printing our first run of 50,000 welcome kits.

Designed while at SoFi under creative direction from Jenna Beckmann.